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2 A note on my site

I created a Zope 2 site to host my USD home back in 1999. The dynamic site served me well for the past 15 years. So well in fact that I think Zope is the best framework for my purposes. I had tried to rewrite my site using Java server technology and other frameworks such as Django, but never felt happy enough to replace the Zope site.

As a technology, Zope 2 is long dead. My Zope site is hosted on an extremely old Linux server running on a more than ten year old hardrive. If the server stopped running, I will not try to resurrect my Zope site. I therefore created this new site to replace it.

This new site is a static site created using Emacs orgmode.

Date: <2014-05-25 Sun>

Author: Luby Liao

Created: 2017-08-30 Wed 09:01

Emacs (Org mode 8.2.5c)